Egle Karmaziene

Assistant Professor of Finance at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Visiting Researcher at Swedish House of Finance

Candidate Fellow at Tinbergen Institute

Research interests

Financial markets

Corporate governance

SSRN, Google Scholar


Accepted Papers

Short Selling Equity Exchange Traded Funds and its Effect on Stock Market Liquidity (with Valeri Sokolovski)

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis forthcoming

Presented at: Bank of Lithuania, Columbia Business School, IMF, IRMC Paris, McGill University, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds and Factor Investing Conference, the Swedish House of Finance, the University of Cape Town and the University of Groningen, VU Amsterdam.

Common Ownership and Firm Dividend Policies (with Alberta Di Giuli and Naciye Sekerci)

Finance Research Letters forthcoming

Presented at: AFFI2018, EFMA 2019, University of Groningen.

Working Papers

Trainspotting: Board Appointments in Private Firms (with Audinga Baltrunaite)

Bank of Italy Temi di Discussione (Working Paper) No. 1278

Presentation on Youtube

Presented at: the Bank of Italy workshop on "Labour mobility and migration: determinants and consequences'' in Rome, the 2nd Baltic Economic Conference in Riga, 4th Marco Fanno Alumni Workshop in Naples, 25th International Panel Data Conference in Vilnius, the Ben-Gurion University, Corporate Finance Webinar, the European Finance Association in Aalto, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Groningen, the University of Namur, Workshop for Women in Political Economy 2019 in Mannheim.
Media: MAKING GOOD CORPORATE BOARD APPOINTMENTS: Evidence from Italy of the productivity advantages for firms in bigger and better-connected cities“, EEA media briefing."The unexpected effect of high-speed trains on board talent", LSE Business Review

Incentives of Financial Analysts: Trading Turnover and Compensation

Presented at: Belgian Finance Forum, EFA (Lisbon), ISM, University of Gothenburg, SIFR, 2nd Annual Lithuanian Conference on Economic Research, NFN2013.

Work in Progress

Mutual Fund Flows and Investor Sentiment

Presented at: Swedish House of Finance

Motives for Entrepreneurial Saving: Evidence from Sweden (with Fatemeh Hosseini)

Presented at: Bank of Lithuania, Bank of Hungary, Boğaziçi University, Copenhagen Business School, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Gothenburg, University of Groningen, ICEF, Istanbul Technical University, LSE, NFN2016, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm School of Economics.